Buying Your Next Camera

Beauty is also costly these days.

Because you have an eye for beauty, you are reading this blog.

And all those emerging photographers in the UK, they need some hope too.

Statista can inspire you:

“In 2021 there were approximately 83.8 thousand employed and self-employed photographers, audio-visual & broadcasting equipment operators in the United Kingdom, compared with 65.5 thousand in 2010.”

In this regard, you can take care of the money beforehand in order to take care of your career later.

And this approach can be understood the best when you are going to listen to what Dominic has to say on this.

He is a very jolly personality we met a few years ago on account of a number of photoshoots. He has been a photographer for about a decade now, and he shared his story with us in order to give us a glimpse of the world of visual content creation and financial management regarding that.

“When I was a little kid, I used to grab my dad’s little digital camera and work my way in the yard to take snaps of the grass and the birds. I enjoyed it and when senses started grasping my mind, I sensed (chuckling) that I have always been dreaming to be a photographer all these days. By that time, I was 25 and I worked at a retail store as my day job and I really wanted to do something about this myself. So, I started making money by using photos snapped by my phone and offering online classes to youngsters and learners. Ultimately, I found out that gathering money before you roll your next project out can be a big thing…and it turned out to me in the same way. I still remembered that I bought my first mirrorless camera back in 2010 with money I saved.”

So, if you still want to buy your camera and are on a budget, then here are some great ways Dominic can save money before you make that purchase.

How to Save Money Efficiently before Buying Your First Camera

Getting a good camera is like finding a genuine and honest private money lender in Ireland online. When you get in touch with them, you can be sure that they are going to help you in the long run, and that is what you are looking for.

Although there are alternative lifestyle-related ways to save money, you can still save money using some of the generic ways using photography (you have already known them) since you are knowledgeable about that.

The following points may help you out:

  • Sell Your Photographs Snapped by Your Phone
  • Teach Photography to Freshers
  • Get into a Photo Editing Job
  • Take out a Personal Loan

Well, it is time you need to know more about these points. Set the piggy bank aside or keep your bank account ready to save the money you are going to earn.

1. Sell Your Photographs Snapped by Your Phone

Do you know that you can sell your photographs in different portals for which you need just two things?

  • A Smartphone
  • A Photo Editing App

Nowadays, most Smartphones come with cameras that bear high resolution.

You can also shoot 1080p to 4k videos using a Smartphone.

You can invest in a Smartphone gimbal and tripod combo. Most of them come at a very cheap rate.

Snap photos and edit them using Snapseed or Adobe Photoshop for mobile. You may also use Adobe Lightroom.

Now you can sell the photos to a local seller.

Or there are websites like Shuttterstock or Adobe Stock or Etsy or eBay, where you can sell your photos.

If you want to sell stock videos, then Pixabay can be a good option.

Or make our own website and sell the photos at your own price. But, you might need a free solution like WordPress and invest a little in marketing.

2. Teach Photography to Freshers

Is it not the best option to show people what you know and help them see the dreams you see?

Come on! It can also give you money.

There are popular platforms like Udemy or Skillshare that can help you with this.

And that can help you in earning some money.

What is good about these platforms is that you can charge the money you want for your classes. That’s undoubtedly empowering.  

3. Get into a Photo Editing Job

Photo editors are paid pretty much well these days.

You can use the same platforms mentioned top learn photo and video editing.

Then, getting a job is just an easy task in a matter of time.

You can definitely get a job in the local companies.

If you look for freelance opportunities, then visit Upwork or fiverr.

According to glassdoor, an average UK photo editor will make somewhat around 32, 929 pounds a year.

Now you can work either full time or part-time depending on the type of necessities you have.

4. Take out a Personal Loan

If you are really in urgency to buy a camera in a short period of time, then you can even get a quick cash loan in 1 hour from Ireland lenders. All you need to do is make sure you have done the correct search.

These loans are loans that come in the form of personal loans. They are affordable, and you can use the money in whatever cause you like.

If you take them out, you can definitely save your savings account and be organised with money to make an efficient purchase.

Besides, you don’t want to miss out on deals, do you?

To Conclude

If you really want to get a camera for the long run, settle for mirrorless cameras. It is because you get the privilege of adding different lenses to it. Plus, they are also suitable for videography.

Oh yes, before you buy, do not forget to compare the deals.

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