It has been a while, and your home needs a facelift. Your kitchen demands urgent attention, but you have a budget constraint. If it is not practically possible for you to gather money for this purpose in this current scenario, taking out a loan should be the next option. You can acquire the best home improvement loan at affordable rates in Ireland.

Myloansboat is familiar with the selective nature of the borrower when it comes to loans. Therefore, we always try to curate loan offers that should have relevance to your financial capability and necessity at the same time. The vital elements, which are an integral part of the loan proposal, we will convey are:

  • A Glimpse of the loan amount
  • An estimate of repayments
  • Break-down of the price

Our loan offerings intend to fit in any pocket size, provided you do the research carefully. Now, you can give a speedy makeover to any dull space of your home by leaving the financial aspect to us. You can focus on the creative facet.


These loans are a perfect financial set-up created to help anyone complete any home repair work on an urgent basis. This financing option is also popular in the name of home renovation loans in Ireland. With it, you can easily manage the cost of home improvement.

Now, you do not have any reason to postpone the repair work. You can get the required financial coverage for this task through a home improvement loan. It will depend on the way you will treat this opportunity. Pay heed to the following things while working out the exact requirement.

  • Cross-check the offered range: Derive the amount necessary for the renovation work. It can be a significant factor. These loans allow you to borrow up to €50000.
  • Verify the repayment plan: The term will vary from 1 year to 10 years. Make sure you can pay back within this duration. Alter the amount to get the desired duration.
  • Materials you need: The cost factor will directly relate to the type of materials you will use. You must choose it cautiously so that the loan price does not burden you.
  • Past credit scores: We will primarily focus on your affordability. For us, your credit scores can take a backseat. Therefore, it does not matter to us if you have past credit issues.


These loans prove their utility by letting you cover any simple repair job and even any complicated renovation work. There are no best uses for home improvement loans. You can prefer this type of funding to finance any home repair task without any doubt.

Go ahead if you want to make significant adjustments to renovate your home in an entirely new way. We have your back. We have segregated the purposes into three categories.

Cover any exterior repair work

You can obtain home extension loans in Ireland to expand the area of your home exterior. Build new windows and doors or repair them without feeling any compulsion simply by relying on this financing option. Get these loans to finish the incomplete driveway work.

You are free to use this funding to construct the patio. Repair your fences and gates without any hesitation. If the shade is not perfect, consider extending it using these loans.

Your garden might need landscaping. Determine how much it would cost to opt for a suitable loan.

Pay attention to interior upgradation

A minor or major alteration in the bathroom can burn a hole in your pocket. Not anymore! You can carry out changes in it by depending on home improvement loans. Do not hesitate even to upgrade the look of the kitchen!

With our support, you can redo the look of an ugly corner of the living room. Any work related to painting, flooring and tiling could be accomplished if you decide to reach out for our assistance. Decking up any space of the interior of your home is effortless once you get access to these loans.

Add a functional element

You want to add furniture to your patio. However, you lack the sufficient budget. Use these loans to fulfil your desire. In addition, you can purchase a barbeque to enjoy cooking outside.

Do not overlook the damaged old furnace. Replace it now without worrying about money. You can arrange the same by applying for these loans.


To select the right option for a home improvement loan, you must get clarity about the renovation work you plan to execute. Since every borrower will have a unique requirement, we do not concentrate on offering a single loan option. Our collection comprises a diverse set of loans that will serve the purpose of home improvement per your wish.


This financing option allows you to mould the purpose according to you.

Therefore, you can use personal loans to change the home interior set-up. We can help you find the best offer to fit your budget.


You can use this short-term finance for property-related concerns. The repayment duration usually expands from a few weeks to a few years.

Therefore, having bridging loans in Ireland can help you in many ways.


You can stretch the amount by opting for a mortgage. Make the most out of the small amount of mortgage loans in Ireland to sponsor some extreme renovations inside the home.

You can use some amount of the loan after all.



You want to renovate your home into an energy-efficient space. You can get a specific loan that concerns fulfilling this purpose only. These are green home improvement loans.

Opt for these loans to downsize the energy bill you have been paying so far.


Are you still in a dilemma to decide if getting a small home renovation loan is right? You can obtain these loans as financial backing to cover home renovation costs. However, it offers additional benefits that make these loans the right financial package for your circumstances.

Find out how getting these loans will be beneficial for you.

Offering the best rate in the market

We always try to keep rates competitive for our borrowers. The present financial condition of the applicant is more crucial to us. It unveils if that person is disbursing the usual bills without any hitches.

We know how offers like the cheapest home improvement loan in Ireland drive you. However, we do not promise to offer low rates. Our pricing emphasises a practical approach. You will get a loan offer with economical rates.

Repay in a hassle-free way

We will not squeeze the repayment term to make it more difficult for you. The provision of getting an extended duration for loan repayment is a life saviour. There is no need to focus on arranging the entire loan amount at one time and pay it back in one go.

We will extend the term and let you spread out the cost. You can pay back conveniently a small amount of money after a regular time interval.

On-the-spot disbursal of loans

With us, you can forget about waiting for a long to receive a decision. We do not take much time to review and analyse your application. Share a few things about you straight away.

For this reason, we do not feel the need to exaggerate the loan process too long. Once we reach any decision, we will get back to you early.

Quite a few application formalities

Loan application formalities are streamlined and precise. You can extract the loan form online to submit it similarly. The intermediate steps include filling out and examining details before submission.

At most, you take to complete this procedure is, at most, 5 minutes. You can send us your loan request from anywhere with the help of this online process.

No risk to assets

We will never demand collateral to approve a loan for home improvement purposes. You can be a tenant or non-homeowner while applying for these loans. We consider placing security in favour of loans as an obligation. Your assets will be safe while you approach us for loans.


We believe that the borrower must know about home improvement loan rates before sealing the deal with us. A free quote will give you a glimpse of the price you must pay to obtain a certain amount of loan. Calculating price is good practice.

Using a home improvement loan calculator in Ireland should not take much time to determine if you can pay for the rates. Apart from this, you must know about some factors influencing the loan price.

Borrowing amount: The impact of the amount you want to borrow is not unfamiliar to you. The price will increase if you take out a large sum of money.

Monthly earning: Your monthly income must determine your borrowing capacity. It is because if it exceeds, paying back will be troublesome for you.

Type of renovation: Depending on your home improvement project, you will have to purchase the important materials. The rate you will have to meet will vary with the type of renovation you will do.


We never take a break from our duty. We constantly strive to deliver loan offerings that must fulfil the borrower’s requirements and match their financial potential at the same time. We put in a lot of hard work to design loan offers acceptable to different types of borrowers.

Our lending services intend to benefit you in multiple ways.


Our loan agreement shares all the essential information about our services. It includes an explanation of rates and terms. You can even further contact us in case of any queries.

Responsible lending

We never suggest a loan offer that is not suitable for you. We will fix the loan rate after conducting a soft search so that you can comfortably accept the loan offer.

Purpose-centric approach

Our loans specialise in fulfilling a specific purpose. We do not provide a common loan for every purpose. You will never see us following any unfair practices.

Freedom from upfront payment

We do not work with any broker. Therefore, we need not have to charge extra to meet brokerage fees. Moreover, we will never impose surplus fees and ask you to pay outright.


How do I finance a home renovation in Ireland?

You can easily finance the renovation work of your home by using our loans. This funding will help you accommodate all the costs you will incur during the renovation process. Choose the loan amount wisely so that you can repay without exertion.

Can I get a renovation loan along with a home loan?

Getting back-to-back loans is not a good practice. Moreover, the lenders will not allow you to borrow when you have another loan to repay. This act of yours will have a negative impact on your credit history.

What kind of credit do you need for a home improvement loan?

Your credit score should be at least 750. With higher scores, you will have enhanced chances of getting approval. However, you need not worry about your credit history with us.

How can I borrow money for home improvements?

You can borrow money online with us. We operate via the online mode. There is no need for you to submit any hard copies of documents while applying with us.

Can I take a home loan for the renovation of the house?

You can use some portion of the loan amount to renovate your home. However, getting a home loan exclusively for improvement is not advisable as it carries a heavy interest rate. It will be more than what you will pay in case of home renovation loans.

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