Life has accumulated several surprises for you. They can be minor but carry a huge impact. Suddenly you realise the need for cash immediately, but we are here for your peace of mind. It does mean that we have a perfect solution as quick loans to back you in a tricky situation.

We can assure lending through the ways of SIMPLE, SPEEDY and SECURE procedures. You get quick loans in Ireland within a few minutes when you need them the most. The end is not here because we have plenty to offer you that match your prevailing circumstances and financial interests.

Yes, these may be small loans, but their impact is enormous, as they work in almost every financial scenario.


These are fast and short term cash loans assisting up to €10000. These are the perfect funding source during financial emergencies or when you need money on the same day. These unsecured personal loans usually run on an online application procedure without any documentation. You can also apply for quick loans with bad credit.

Whether you have the poor credit issue or facing the trouble of unemployment, quick loans in Ireland are the solution for you. At Myloansboat, we strive hard to embellish a perfect loan deal according to your affordability.

You get personalised interest rates with no extra borrowing costs. Moreover, you will feel pleased to have flexible loan terms where repayments are manageable from your monthly income.


There is a common perception that quick loan in Ireland is expensive than other standard loans. It is especially when you approach traditional lenders like a bank or other financial institution.

Another thing is that most quick loans are advertised on the interest rates than APRs, which are the annual cost of the loan. It is indeed difficult to understand the calculation, but APRs look higher than usual. Interest rates, on the other hand, can be flexible, and we are doing exactly.

We offer competitive market rates, which are finalised after analysing these factors:-

  • Loan Amount: Decide the amount do you need, and we will set the interest rate accordingly.
  • Your Loan Affordability: We would like to know your affordability and income capacity.
  • Your Credit Score: We may know your credit score but only for a soft credit check. You still get competitive rates despite the bad credit.

Taking financial decisions is your responsibility, and providing you comfort while borrowing is ours. Therefore, we let you decide what is realistic and suits the best deals on small loans.

financial circumstances

Payday Loans

Quick Loans

Short-Term Loans

Higher Interest Rates Competitive interest Rates High interest rates
Loan term up to 1 month Loan term up to 36 months Loan term up to 60 months
Borrow up to €5000 Borrow up to €10000 Borrow up to €2500
Repayments are fixed Flexible repayments Fixed and flexible repayments


A financial emergency is the common reason to apply for instant 24 hour loans. People need quick funding, and they get the same. With having personalised rates from us, you feel much better in getting financial assistance.

Besides tackling the urgency, you can do multiple things with these loans. These include:-

Paying unexpected bills

Urgent holiday expenses

Car repairs and maintenance

Education expenses or university’s fees

Home improvement

Filling funding gap during a car purchase

Purchasing equipment for the home safety

Consolidating multiple debts

Paying monthly rent

Buying Accessories

Uses of Quick Loans

To sum up, you can manage any situation with these urgent loans in Ireland. You get the cash instantly without submitting many documents or following the documentation.


A credit check is an essential element in the loan process. For every lender, checking the credit score of the borrowers is mandatory. Emergency loans at Myloansboat are subject to credit checks. However, there is a twist making us different from other lending institutions.

Most conventional lenders perform a hard credit check. It leaves a significant impact on the borrower's credit records and sometimes puts a negative impression of yours within the marketplace. As the responsible private money lender in Ireland, we do not want this and are ready to help you in two important ways - SOFT CREDIT CHECK and NO CREDIT CHECK.

Quick Loans with Soft Credit Check: A soft credit check is the opposite of a hard credit check. It leaves no search footprint on your credit profile, and you gain more chances of loan approval despite poor credit history. We check the credit score of each borrower for short term loans in Ireland, not as the criterion of accepting a loan request. Instead, we do this to prepare affordable loan deals for you. Your credit history reveals your capacity, and you get the amount accordingly.

Quick Loans with No Credit Check: We bring another facility for our borrowers, and it is no credit check. We know this it can be risky of allowing a loan without credit perusal. Still, we are ready to take that risk for our genuine borrowers. We have assigned no credit check for those applying for the first time or having poor credit scores but are improving significantly. Offering instant loans in Ireland with no credit check fulfils another purpose: to make the way of loans for those with poor or very poor credit scores.


There has to be some sort of guarantee needed to get fast loans on the same day. It can be pledging an asset, presenting a guarantor or having a steady monthly income. Borrowers can make the decision of loan guarantees according to their capacity and circumstances.

You can put an asset to secure the loan, but it can be risky of losing that asset if you miss the repayments. Similarly, if you have a guarantor with a good credit history or a homeowner, you can present that person to get the loan approval.

The problem is that you do not alone get the benefits of loans as the guarantor is involved. Besides, finding the reliable person can take time, which is not ideal during the urgent situation. What will you do?

The best thing is to apply for our quick loans in Ireland with no guarantor. Yes, it is among the ideal ways to get the quick loans and on your own responsibility.

Given below are the ADVANTAGES attached with these loans:-

  • This option is ideal for those with bad credit scores, as they can apply directly.
  • You can save a lot of time straightway applying for the quick loans without searching for a trustworthy person.
  • You do not have to disclose your financial situation to everyone.
  • You have a better chance of credit score improvement as only you pay the loan repayments.

If no collateral and no guarantor are needed, you get the approval based on your steady monthly income. We approve 90% of quick loan applications on the borrowers’ monthly income capacity.


Getting quick loans on the same day in Ireland has become a lot easier than before. The marketplace has become digitalised, and online lending has become preferred by most people.

Sometimes, easiness in obtaining the funds makes individuals careless. They make mistakes that later become the reasons for loan applications being rejected. Remember, online lenders, do have specific guidelines, which every borrower has to follow.

To make things understandable to you, we are suggesting some of the valuable tips for you:

Borrow according to needs

You must have savings that you can use for certain expenses. Loans are there but should be your second option. If your costs are unmanageable, you can borrow the amount as per the remaining expenses. It will make an impact on the interest rates as well.

Analyse how you will repay the loan

The next suggestion is to analyse your repayment capability. You make sure that monthly instalments of the loans should not be affecting expenditures of your daily life, which are necessary to run your family.

Look for quick loans only for short-term goals

Instant loans primarily suit financial emergencies. You cannot think of fulfilling the long-term financial goals with them. Loans can be successful as your financial saviour if you use them according to their nature.


Since payday loans are not many there, people want their alternatives. The deals available on quick loans in Dublin, Limerick, Galway and many more cities of Ireland provide the ideal substitute for payday advances.

We have uncovered any surprises and unnecessary obligations of the loan process. It ensures that you can complete the loan application procedure within a few minutes and get cash loan in 1 hour in Ireland. Our deals are already there. You just have to qualify for them.

The application procedure works according to these steps:-

  • Fill a single-page application form on our website;
  • Mention all the details and submit it;
  • Receive a quick loan quote and accept it;
  • We approve the loan for you and transfer the amount within a few minutes

Doorstep Loan Facility

Sometimes an applicant does not have a bank account, and getting the loan amount quickly becomes problematic. We have arranged a doorstep loan facility where our representative comes to your home to possible cash loan in 1 hour in Ireland.

Therefore, everything is there to apply for a quick loan here. Start now and get the approval straightway.


How Can I be Eligible for Quick Loans in Ireland?

Qualifying for quick cash loans in Ireland depends upon your prevailing financial circumstances and requirements. Our responsibility is to provide you with affordable loan deals according to your repayment capacity.

The general eligibility requirements are:

  • Age should be above 18 years
  • You must be earning at least €600 as monthly income
  • You have been residing in Ireland for the last 5 years

What is the interest rate on Quick Loans?

The interest rates on quick loans in Ireland are decided according to the risk factor. It means the better the credit score is, the better the interest rate will be. Myloansboat has changed the trends where competitive interest rates are possible for every credit score.

Will there be any delay in the quick loan approval?

We have an almost 99% record of fast loans on the same day. Sometimes approval takes time but only when there is something to scrutinise into the applicant’s details. Once everything gets cleared, the fund transfer will be done straight away.

What are the advantages of quick loans for bad credit?

You get multiple advantages of applying for quick loans with the bad credit score. These include:-

  • Specialised interest rates
  • Flexible repayments
  • Approval on a steady income
  • Credit score improvement
  • No guarantor needed

Can I seek quick loan guidance at Myloansboat?

Yes, anytime you can seek guidance from the loan experts. They are highly experienced and guide every aspect of instant loans in Ireland. Moreover, you do not need to pay anything to them, as they are here for fee-free guidance.

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