Business loans are a funding support system that provides funds for varied financial needs of a commercial entity. They provide you money for varied purposes but at they same time you can borrow them for any business purpose. No need to answer a list of questions on that. Direct lending has improved customer experience on business loans and Myloansboat is a disciple of the liberal lending policies. The flexible repayment plans and low rate of interest make the loan tenure simpler. The application process is short to provide immediate money to the borrowers. With instant lending decision, you can get work on your financial plans faster. Our approval rate on business loans is 98.9%, which should be a reason for relief for you.

We approve funds based on the latest repaying capacity. Every year we receive a minimum of 1 million business loan applications, and most of them get approved. It is because, unlike mainstream lending rules, we do not base our decision on the credit history of an applicant. If a business is growing current and has the capacity to pay loan instalments in the coming months, we approve funds. You may understand these facilities better with an actual experience. Apply Now and experience the comfort of instant funding as a borrower. We provide specialized solutions for small business loans in Ireland. Apply through a paperless procedure, as we verify things online. The procedure is mobile-friendly, and you can apply it simple during your daily commute.


All about deals basically offer business loans with no guarantor obligation. Also, no collateral is required to get funds for the daily and occasional business financial needs. However, it is always on the wish of the borrower. If he wants to bring a guarantor to sound strong in financial eligibility, we allow it. You can read below. Whether you bring a guarantor or not, there is no effect on the total loan cost.

It is your choice to bring a guarantor or not

When you do not want to bring a guarantor

When you bring a guarantor

The application process remains the same and speedy. You can qualify for a bigger loan beyond your capacity.
There is no fear of high cost due to customization. You can get a longer tenure due to strong eligibility.
The monthly repayments are also affordable. With longer tenure, that rate of interest is much lower.


The final decision on the significance of a loan is always of a borrower. But business loans have many uses and benefits. Usually, all the industries have some usual concerns when they borrow funds. All our borrowers apply for a loan for several common reasons.

  • Do technological upgradation
  • Increase the cash flow of business
  • Hire seasonal workers for daily work
  • Buy equipment for manufacturing purposes
  • Expand business to new locations
  • Buy new inventory or stock for future sale


We are committed to offering you uncompromised financial comfort. We have Business loans in Ireland that are available for multiple circumstances and purposes. We provide a variety of ways through which you can obtain funds for different commercial reasons. To compete in the market with counterparts and be financially strong, a business always needs money for various causes. Without any delay in the fund disbursement, we transfer money online once you get approved. You can apply for any type, but your ultimate key to quick business loans is your strong repaying capacity.

Business Loans Ireland
  • Working capital loans – For smooth daily operations, a business needs fast cash, which may not be available all the time. In that case, a business owner can borrow instant money online and manage daily business finances temporarily. We know that such needs arise now and then. It is the reason that this loan type always has a lower rate of interest.
  • Business term loans – These are short-term as well as long-term loans with a minimum 3-month duration to a maximum 60-month duration. The rest of the features are similar to any sort of business loan. You will have to pay the monthly instalments fixed according to the customization application in your individual business conditions. The instalments are smaller.
  • Start-up loan – As you can understand, the business loans for start-ups provide necessary financial support during the initial stages of the establishment of a new company. Any start-up that is a minimum of 3 months old can apply to us and can borrow funds. Do not think of the total loan cost, as we commit you to give a lower rate of interest-based on the repay capacity for a start-up business loan.
  • Equipment financing – The need to buy new equipment is not uncommon for business. To match pace with the market needs and increase production capacity, every company needs suitable machinery. We provide equipment financing both for the new and used machines at a low rate of interest. You can always compare our deals, as they are the best among the other options.
  • Invoice financing – Based on your business invoices, we offer an invoice financing facility through which you are entitled to get money. It helps the business owners maintain a cash flow and pay for business expenses. This sort of financing is usually helpful for short-term reasons. 18% of our borrowers borrow funds through invoice financing. Apply and avail of funds in a short time.
  • Business loans for women – The business world has seen a considerable increase in the contribution of women in the business world. It is essential to keep the zeal high of the women counterparts of the business owners. With some great deals on business loans, we constantly surprise our women borrowers. From start-up owners to established company owners, we have a long list in this stream.
  • Overdraft - It is a facility for existing business loan borrowers who have maintained a successful and good payment history with us. They can borrow some extra funds on a running loan to fulfil some further financial gaps in the business. It is one of the most sought-after funding options of our loan bearers as a requirement of funds is a never-ending thing in a commercial entity.


There is no considerable difference between a normal business loan or the one for poor credit people. However, the concern on the current repaying capacity is always intense due to the detailed credit history. But with attention to some basic terms and conditions, you can get approval. We also offer business loans with no credit check without any extra charge.

  • The bank statement for the past 6 months with timely paid debts and bills is necessary.
  • Income proof of a regular income in the past 6 months to prove to repay capacity.
  • It is better to apply for an amount that you repay to avoid application rejection.
  • Business accounts of the past 6 months are also vital to prove financial eligibility.

Note – The above terms and conditions are the same for all types of bad and credit borrowers as we pay attention to the latest repaying capacity.


The application and fund receiving process is predictable and straightforward. But for your comfort, here is a quick look at it.

Step 1 –Apply for the funds online

Step 2 – Receive the lending decision (it comes in only 10 minutes)

Step 3 – once approved, get funds in your business account (maximum in two business days)

Myloansboat try to be your best choice in the field of business loans by a direct lender in Ireland. With some basic rules and conditions, we make the borrowing journey convenient for the business owner. All of our existing customers can authenticate the fact that we are always there in their good and bad times. Prove the capacity to repay instalments, and we can immediately approve your funds. The 24x7 loan assistance, irrespective of bank holidays and national holidays, keep you equipped with funds all the time. Do not think more. Take action. Your business is waiting to write another growth chapter. Make it happen with ample funds and keep the money and mental stress away.


From where can I get a business loan?

You can explore varied options besides the mainstream choices. As direct lending provides flexible and affordable business loans in Ireland, you can try there to be able to apply. The complete process is online and speedy.

What if I do not have a good credit history?

You can also borrow with a poor credit history, but your business should have stable current finances. It is necessary to see your repaying capacity.

How much can I borrow through a business loan?

Your loan amount is always on the eligibility that gets authentication only through studying your current business finances. It can be a minimum of €1000 to a maximum of €50,000.

Can I borrow twice in the same year?

Of course, you can borrow twice if your repayment history with Myloansboat is spotless and you have paid the past instalments at the right time.

Do I need to pay the penalty of a delayed instalment?

Never, Myloansboat applies no penalty up to 3 late payments. However, different lenders have different policies on this aspect. We prefer to act flexibly.

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