A car loan is a secured loan where the lender finances the car that you want to purchase. You need to pledge any asset to avail of the loan you get back after the term ends and successful repayments.

You can arrange such a vehicle loan for both personal and business purposes. Myloansboat gives you the freedom to get the car loan for either purpose and choose your own loan term. However, you will acquire ownership of the vehicle and the responsibility to repay the loan under the agreed period.

Here are a few things that you need to consider while looking for the loan:-

  • You get flexible loan terms from 12 months to 84 months;
  • We have kept the interest rates both fixed and flexible in which you can decide according to your capacity;
  • You may have a tax deduction if you have chosen a vehicle loan for commercial purposes;
  • The flexibility in the lending terms will be applicable on the used cars as well;
  • Based on your loan affordability, you can choose to apply for an unsecured or secured car loan.

Purchasing your loved car is like a dream for you. Our personalised offers on car loans in Ireland will convert your dream into reality.

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While you compare car loans in Ireland, you want a one-stop shop where you can save your precious time and money. We provide you with that platform where you can choose among the varieties of car loans. We want to listen to your requirements and arrange the best settlement suit to your personal ends.

We have three types of car loans, which we think fulfil your requirements. These are:

Personal Car Loan

Personal car loans provide significant funding while purchasing a car of any price. These loans are available for both new and old cars. With these loans, individuals with any financial capacity and status are able to buy a car of their likings. Yet, advise you not to purchase a car beyond your ability or need a heavy loan for this.

Loan Amount: €1000 - €50000

Loan Term: 12 Months - 60 Months

Business Car Loan

We have a variety of business car loans to choose from according to your affordability. The most significant thing about our loans is that you can get a business car loan with no personal guarantee. Your loan affordability will work for you to get the loans according to your commercial needs.

Loan Amount: €5000 - €70000

Loan Term: 12 Months - 84 Months

Bad Credit Car Loan

Bad credit is not a barrier to avail of any of our loan deals, and car loans are not an exception in this regard. We are one of the most reliable private lenders in Ireland to get small car loans for bad credit. You get these loans on flexible terms making it convenient to improve your credit scores.

Loan Amount: €1000 - €25000

Loan Term: 12 Months - 60 Months

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Nowadays, obtaining car loans for bad credit in Ireland is not tricky at all. A vast population there belongs to the bad credit category. Earlier, poor credit meant a clear rejection of the loan application, but it has changed a lot.

Myloansboat remains optimistic about the financial capacity of these individuals. They have bad credit may be because of unavoidable circumstances. They now have multiple options to choose from during the time of purchasing a car.

Two options come primarily to get loan for a car with bad credit. These are unsecured personal loans and car loans. Both these options can fulfil your purpose of car purchase. Continue to read below what features they have in different circumstances.

Car Loans

Unsecured Personal Loans

It is largely a secured loan No collateral is needed
A large amount can be availed Usually considered to fill the funding gap while buying a car
Comparatively lower interest rates Slightly higher interest rates
It can be used for business purpose It is generally applicable for personal cars
Loan term up to 84 months The maximum loan term is 60 months
Available to insured cars only It can be borrowed for any car

If you want to know more about our unsecured personal loans, you can click here.


You must have made a lot of plans while purchasing the vehicle. One of them is managing the car cost. You need a car, that is for sure, but do you have enough savings to purchase it? You can make any plan, but the problem is your bad credit score. Still, there is nothing to worry about as you already have our small car loans for bad credit.

These car loans from direct lenders in Ireland have come up as a hope. It is especially when traditional lenders are still stuck on their stringent norms. We are flexible, and the ideal example of car loans for bad credit with no credit check.

Yes, we do not check the credit score of the borrowers if they are performing well in their recent financial commitments. We can consider your car loan application with no credit assessment if you are applying for the first time. However, you need to show your loan affordability.

Besides the no credit check factor, we have a lot of advantages on car loans:-

  • Loans help in better cash flow: You can better manage other expenses with your savings by covering a significant amount of car with the loans.
  • Tax Deduction: If you have availed car loan for business, you have a significant benefit of tax deduction that will save a lot.
  • Improvement in your credit score: You can improve your credit score to have better financial creditworthiness with flexible repayments.
  • Flexibility in financing: You get flexibility in financing with us. It means you get the repayments according to your loan affordability.
  • Online access of loans: One advantage that makes us different from other private agencies for car loans in Ireland is online loan access.
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    At Myloansboat, we have assisted many Irish citizens in their car purchases and saved thousands of Euros. We aim to satisfy our customers so that they feel comfortable with our outstanding lending. You can compare car loans in Ireland with ours, and you will find our rates quite competitive in the market.

    If you are confused, we have experienced car loan consultants who can guide you without charging any amount. We have personalised our lending for every borrower, and you can be relaxed with getting suitable car loan deals that suit your budget.

    During making the loan decision, you still need to ask a few questions before yourself. These include:

    What is your credit score?

    Despite soft or no credit check, you should know your credit score and share it with us. We need this to prepare affordable loan deals that are having a positive impact on your credit profile.

    Do you want new or used car loan?

    You should decide well before purchasing a new car or a used one according to your budget. We suggest you buy only that vehicle whose price is manageable.

    Which asset to put as the loan security?

    If you look for a secured car loan, you should be clear in your mind about the asset to pledge. You can choose any, but you may lose its possession if you default between the loan terms.

    Does the lender offer variable interest rate?

    You should confirm whether a lender is providing a variable interest rate on car loans or not. If yes, then use the car loans calculator to judge the better rates for you.


    Many individuals prefer major lending institutions for financing their cars. The best example of it is car loans from Credit Union. Indeed, many advantages are there to approach these conventional lenders, but on one point, private lenders like us score more on them.

    We have a straightforward online loan application procedure, which anyone can follow quickly. Everything is quick, with quality lending is already there. The steps are easy to follow and do not involve any complications.

    1. Tell us About Yourself

    Fill out an online application form on our website to tell us about your personal details. All the details are safe and secure with us.

    2. Speak to Our Car Loan Representative

    One of our representatives will call you quickly. Share everything with him about which car you want to purchase, its price and the desired loan amount.

    3. Receive a Quick Loan Quote

    Once everything is communicated between you and our representative, we instantly send an obligation-free loan quote to your email id. It will include the final interest rate and loan amount.

    4. Get an Instant Loan Approval

    Once we receive your confirmation on the loan quote, we straightway approve your loan application without any hassle.

    5. Receive Your Funds

    We do not delay the fund disbursal for you. We release the funds on the same day of the application submitted to your registered bank account.

    Buy your dream car now through the way of our personalised car loan offers. It does not matter you are buying a new car or old car from a car dealer or a private seller. We can help you with better interest rates and loan terms.

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    I am a Self Employed. How Long Can I get A Car Loan?

    Well, you do not have to wait for long to get the approval. Our same day funding feature is for everyone irrespective of their employment status. We work with technology-driven lending where the process takes a maximum of 24 hours to complete.

    Can I make advance payments to reduce the car loan terms?

    Yes, you can make advance payments to decrease your loan term. However, after completing two years, you can do this, and we do not charge for early repayments.

    Can I get 100% financing for my car?

    It can be, or it can be not, because your present financial circumstances and capacity will decide on it. However, you have all the options open with us.

    Are car loans accessible for any specific car manufacturer company?

    Not at all. You can get loans for the car belonged to any manufacturing company. The most significant thing is the car price and affordable loan amount.

    Why Choose Myloansboat for Car loans in Ireland?

    You have multiple reasons to choose us as your car loan provider in Ireland. Some of these include:-

    • Online fast approvals
    • Flexible and affordable terms
    • Fee-free car loan advice
    • Any credit score accepted
    • Loan deals suit to your budget
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