Despite higher education and vocational skills, unemployment is a harsh reality today, and that brings money crisis as the ultimate issue. In that case, some sort of financial support is required now and then. Besides the savings and help from friends and family, you need a source of funds. Loans for Unemployed in Ireland can provide the required cash at the time of need through the less time-consuming process.

Myloansboat offers loans for jobless people with few formalities to ensure timely delivery of funds to you. The funds get transferred within 24 hours. Direct lending is useful due to its capacity to provide support on time.

We give value to time and understand that after a job loss, a money crisis always means urgent and unforeseen expenses. To nullify your struggle with the multiple expenses, our cash loans for unemployed in Ireland present a practical solution. Based on a basic repaying capacity, you can borrow money and can repay in affordable instalments. Due to the round-the-clock presence of the loans online, you can apply at any hour of the day. Approval decision comes within 5 minutes of application submission. We even do same-day fund disbursement for the borrowers with a satisfying repaying capacity.


The varied features of the loans for unemployed in Ireland make the loan deals better and convenient for the borrower. To ensure convenience in the experience of the applicants, we add some traits to the loan deals.

  • Fund disbursement never gets delayed once approved – Once you get approval from us, you never wait to receive funds in your bank account. The moment the procedure completes, we process the funds and send them within 24 hours maximum. Time is precious, especially when it is about a money crisis, conditions are difficult. However, you can be sure about timely delivery of money.
  • 100% online and paperless procedure – Unlike mainstream lending, direct lending only works through the online process. It takes only a few minutes to apply for the loan because you provide all details online. We verify every detail online, and that saves not only time but also the environment. No paper is used during the process from start to end. It is our way to take care of professional and social duties.
  • People on benefits can also apply – Living on benefits is necessary after job loss due to multiple financial concerns. However, the money you get from there is not sufficient to encapsulate all expenses. We have no issues with your ‘on benefits’ tag, and we fund your money. In fact, it is considered as the income source and helps you qualify for funds. Unlike other lenders, we never reject you due to living on unemployment benefits.
  • Have served up to 3 million borrowers
  • Fair and transparent procedure
  • An instant lending decision in 5 minutes
  • Apply anytime 24x7 from any location


No guarantor is required to borrow funds. The unemployed loans are short-term, and short-term loans never have the obligation of guarantor and collateral. It is always on the wish of the borrower to bring a guarantor. The prime factor is always the current repaying strength of the applicant after job loss. If you can pay the instalments, getting instant loans for unemployed with no guarantor is not difficult. Our aim is the comfort of the borrowers.

All our borrowers get loans for the unemployed without any guarantor. There is no impact on the total cost of the loan if the borrower has no guarantor. The customised deals ensure that you get a lower rate and small monthly loan instalments. We understand that it is not practical to make hefty repayments after job loss. With sundry financial responsibilities and expenses, it is impossible. You can Apply Now and can experience it on your own.


Yes, you can get funds despite a poor credit situation. After losing a job, it is already difficult to manage expenses, and most people miss repayments and bills. In that case, the credit score drops. Our loans are designed through responsible lending policies, and that makes us accept poor credit applications. New age lending is not only about credit score performance. It is more rational and considers many aspects. Most important is the current financial situation.

We normally believe that to increase the approval chances. The fund seekers should apply soon after job loss. At the time, the financial history is usually spotless. Besides, once we see your repaying capacity, you can apply for more funds in the future. For existing borrowers, we already have special offers on quick loan deals.

We need to remind you here that any application capable of paying loan instalments can apply and get funds. It has nothing to do with your credit rating. However, there should not be recurring missed or delayed payments incidents, especially in the recent 3 months. In that case, lending rules may apply to the approval chances of a borrower. It is best if you have a satisfying repayment history in the last 6 months.


Rationally, there is no constraint on that because we have two rules only on the part of income. First is, income sources should be authentic and second, income sources should be regular. Besides this, there is no considerable terms and conditions. The application process is simple, and technically your part is majorly about providing authentic earning proof.

Rental income, part-time job, freelance work income, anything you can present. It should be regular because an irregular income is never able to prove to repay capacity. According to the lending industry rules on the fast loans for unemployed in Ireland, current income status is a significant factor. It is not possible to approve funds without an earning source. If you can prove it, then we can approve you.


We accept every loan application as the scrutiny to check repaying capacity happens later. During that check, if your financial circumstances are such that they will not affect the timely payment of instalments, we approve funds. It is important to mention that we may want to do a hard check in the case of pending obligations in recent months.

Acceptance of loan applications is not a problem. The final lending decision always depends on the individual circumstances of an applicant. Different people have different circumstances, and loan amounts may differ accordingly. Based on your personal finances, we offer a final deal of personal loans for unemployed. Our loan approval rate is 98.5%, and you can stay sure about the acceptance.


The details and formalities are the same for all unemployed loan deals on Myloansboat. You just need to provide us with some basic information as the rest of the process is on us. We do online verification, which is why the fund seekers do not need to work on hefty documentation.

Here is what you need to get loans for unemployed in Ireland -

  • A regular earning proof of at least the last 3 months – – In the case of the unemployed people, we do not keep the condition of 6 months. But, we process an application with the minimum of 3 months of proof. However, if you have proof of an alternative earning of 6 months, you may get a bigger loan amount.
  • Electoral roll registration with the current address – As the electoral roll is the most authentic way to cross-check an address, we want you to have your name there. Besides, it is also necessary thing to confirm your presence as a native in Ireland.
  • (Optional) Appointment letter of new job – It is optional, but we can say that it can help you borrow the amount you want. The surety of the job in the coming months helps us extend your loan amount limit.
  • Apply to only one lender at the same time – To get instant cash in 1 hour, it is necessary that you do not make any mistake in the loan application. Multiple requests to many lenders cause multiple search footprints, which makes you look credit hungry.

The loans in Ireland for unemployed are in abundance, but it is important is to find the best one. Myloansboat is destined to offer rational and best interest rates in the industry to help the borrowers when they need money desperately. Besides, no constraint of purpose gives an applicant the liberty to apply for funds for any personal cause. Same-day fund disbursement is another facility that keeps the borrowers sure about the timely receiving of funds. Contact us or apply now to know more about how things work. We have the trust of the millions of borrowers who have borrowed from us. They come again and get a loan every time they need funds for unemployment and other short-term loans.


Where can I get loans for the unemployed?

– You can get unemployed loans anywhere in Ireland if you explore direct lending solutions because they are online and available round-the-clock.

Is it possible to get a joint personal loan for the unemployed?

If you think you can fail to qualify for funds due to poor finances, you may bring your partner or any blood relative to buy jointly. Some borrowers also do this to get a bigger loan amount.

How long it takes to get funds?

Maximum 2 business days are required. However, Myloansboat usually takes only 24 minutes because sometimes we offer funds in a few hours.

Can I change my repayment schedule?

Yes, we can change your repayment plan thrice in the complete tenure. That is normally sufficient for all borrowers. But conditions apply here. If you have taken a loan of only 6 months, we can change the repayment plan only once.

What are the minimum and maximum loan amount and tenure for unemployed loans?

As the loans in Ireland for the unemployed are short-term, the minimum tenure is 6 months, and the maximum is 5 years. The minimum loan amount is €1000, and the maximum loan amount is €20,000.

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