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Myloansboat - Your true money lender for legit loans

Do you have no other option but to apply for loans?

It becomes obvious when your savings have been exhausted but not the financial urgencies.

At this stage, you realise the need for financial support from one of the best money lenders in Ireland.

Myloansboat is always keen to assist you with all possible efforts. You get financial assistance, bespoke loan offers, flexible deals and minimum obligations, and many more, only in your favour.

We have set up a reliable lending place where one can avail of personalised loan deals, including features like online application, no documentation and no problem of poor credit history. Whenever you feel like getting the best deal on finance in Ireland, you can contact and connect with us.

Our promises often meet their proper implementation. Satisfying you with the support of useful loans is our major objective. Where other loan companies in Ireland hesitate to fulfil the loan aspirations of those with poor credit scores, we have prepared specialised deals for them.

We belong to the fastest growing and new-age online lending, particularly dedicated to those with no job and no good credit scores. Despite these issues, you can borrow up to €25000 for a maximum of 84 months. This amount will help you solve issues like debt management, home improvement, or even car buying.

See here how we have featured our loan products:

  • Apply with no risk of losing assets
  • Soft or no hard credit check
  • No hidden fees
  • Well-organised online application
  • Same-day loan approval and transfer

Start applying for our loans now and use funds for your genuine financial purposes.

About Myloansboat

Why get loans from money lenders only?

You may have options to go for mainstream lenders, but expecting instantaneous financial assistance can be too much. Instead, you should opt for the quick services of Irish money lenders.

You communicate directly with your loan provider with no interference from any broker. Even if there is no intervention of the guarantor, isn’t it convenient in financially fussing time? Of course, yes.

At Myloansboat, you can trust us because we lead relevant, responsible and result-oriented online lending like Avant loans. It keeps you away from unnecessary documentation and restrictions on credit scores.

Other reasons why you always want our cheap loans during any crisis:

Secure application process

We assure you of the safe and secure online application process where your details are protected from any third-party interference.

No-fee obligation quote

After analysing your loan request with a soft credit check, we quickly respond with an initial loan quote with no fee. We always offer cost-effective deals.

Improvement in credit scores

Our flexible lending terms give you the choice of your term to loan repayment. It will directly help you in improving your credit performance.

What varieties of loans come online at Myloansboat?

Many loan agencies in Ireland offer a variety of loans to financially struggling people. It is good. Still, are these loans relevant to their financial concerns? It may be a matter of concern, but we provide you a completely different experience.

With us, all your concerns will turn into possibilities of guaranteed loan approval. We are among those private money lenders in Ireland who always focus on the financial stability of loan aspirants. It is why we are especially dedicated to those with severe credit issues.

We have a wide range of loans online in Ireland, with doors open for people with bad credit scores. These include:

Quick Loans

These are the perfect answers to your financial mess. These are for small funding but are extremely useful during an emergency.

Bad Credit Loans

Your past performance will not slow down your present opportunities. Apply for our loans for bad credit available on flexible rates and repayments.

No Credit Check Loans

We accept every loan application with no hard credit check, and it will not display any search footprints on your credit record. You get acceptance from us.

Doorstep Loans

We have brought our loans to your doorstep. It means you have quicker financial assistance without needing to visit here and there.

Unemployed Loans

Losing the job cannot stop the cash flow to your bank account. You can continue with it after getting our nod on loans for unemployed people.

Business Loans

We are equally concerned about your business goals as well. We offer exclusive online loans for small or start-up businesses, including affordable APRs.

Personal loans

Do you need money for your holidays or the upcoming wedding event? You can have the desired amount by applying online for our unsecured personal loans now.

Car loans

We are ready to fund your desire to ride your car. Our car loans are available on flexible norms, providing an easy purchase of a new or used car.

Home improvement loans

Are you looking to enhance the value of your home? Yes, then renovate it perfectly by having our funding backup. You will be pleased with our affordable rates.

Education loans

Our loans will care for education aspirants by ensuring flexible and feasible offers. You can have your loan and be eligible for repaying later option.

Car finance for bad credit

Your poor credit score will not restrict you from getting the right car finance. Instead, you have all the opportunities to finance your loved car at attractive rates.

Honest loan offers for the unemployed with easy-to-apply

Getting loan offers for the unemployed has never been easy, especially from traditional lenders. They seem strict to their norms and consider jobless individuals as risky borrowers. On the other hand, Myloansboat accepts you as we treat other loan aspirants.

We are genuine and honest private lenders in Ireland offering loans for the unemployed on borrower-friendly features. You get an affordable amount, which you can repay easily from your part-time income. We have prepared some loan advantages exclusively for you:

Loans on Benefits

If you are receiving unemployment benefits, you can use them to seek loan approval.

Pay later option

Unlike other lenders in Ireland, we have brought a special benefit where you can buy now and pay later.

No Early Repayment fees

Suppose you have found a new job and are in a condition to pre-pay loans. You can do it now.

Funds for self-employed

Do you have left the job to be self-employed? We still fund your requirements with affordable interest rates only.

Before finalising a loan offer, you should analyse your capacity to repay till the loan term ends. You can use the loan calculator to get the right estimate.

Personal cash loans at your location

You do not have to reach us. Rather we reach at your doorstep. We have tailor-made deals on cash loans in Ireland which one can get by applying through the simplest of online procedures.

We are specialised particularly in providing loans in Cork and Dublin. Still, we have a wide reach all over Ireland. Once you submit your loan application, we will send our representative to your home. During the meeting, you both decide on the final loan deal. After the acceptance, you can obtain the desired amount after acceptance within a few minutes.

These sorts of loans are ideal for unemployed people, individuals with physical disabilities and single parents or sometimes students as well. You may be tempted to go for Provident loans in Dublin or any other city, but our loan features have the freshness that will benefit you.

Private money lenders have the advantage of online and flexible lending over traditional lending. Therefore, you will find us whenever you are in financial trouble.

Search with ‘private money lenders near me’; you will find us anywhere in Ireland.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How to find private money lenders in Ireland?

Finding private money lenders is not complicated at all. You only need to do online research, and you will find plenty of them. However, you should not trust anyone straightaway. Rather compare their interest rates, fees, speed of funding and loan terms. Indeed, you will find the rates and other terms of Myloansboat quite competitive in the market and prove pocket-friendly to you.

Can I get a cash loan in 1 hour in Ireland?

Yes, there is always an opportunity to get loans approved within 1 hour. We do not take too much time to process your loan application. Instead, everything is done quickly, so you can get a cash loan in just one hour in Ireland.

How flexible are money lenders for bad credit?

The flexibility of money lenders for people with lower credit scores can be visible when you seek interest rates are fluctuating. Lenders should give you the choice of choosing loan terms within which they can repay comfortably. Myloansboat provides the same by adding one more feature of soft credit checks.

Can I look bad credit car finance from private money lenders?

We cannot say about other private money lenders in Ireland, but we provide bad credit car finance on affordable norms. You can buy a new or used car, irrespective of your past credit errors. We fund your car through a simple online application. However, you will get an amount you can repay throughout the loan.

Which options will I have to choose for home improvement?

With us, you have many financing options to do the necessary improvements to your home. At first, we have a dedicated deal on home improvement loans, which are easily available. Apart from that, you can choose:

Am I eligible to get debt consolidation loans with bad credit?

Yes, Myloansboat does not restrict you from consolidating all your debts into a single loan option. It is available even if your credit score is low. You may have many deals on debt consolidation loans in Ireland for bad credit situations, but our unsecured personal loans calm your worry about interest rates. Yes, our rates are flexible, as are the repayment terms. Choose your loan term and repay comfortably to improve your credit score.

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