In the last few years, maximum individuals in Ireland have been looking for small cash loans. They are exploring the loan market here to get suitable deals. The reason behind the increasing demand for doorstep loans in Ireland is that these loans are used a lot in daily life.

These small loans have been proving valuable in dealing with tricky financial circumstances. Such situations can arrive as an unexpected medical bill, emergency car repair or something very urgent. When you see your bank account, it does not have enough cash available to manage those expenses.

The need for urgent funding is suddenly realised, and in Ireland, doorstep loans are an ideal option to approach. These loans bring instant cash to your doorstep, which you can use to pay your bills or even urgent repair your home. You can even use these cash loans to pay a hefty mobile phone bill or monthly WiFi charges.

At Myloansboat, you can borrow up to €5000 with professional service and receive the needed amount on the same day of application. There will be no credit check, and minimum documentation is involved

The best parts of our doorstep lending service can be described as:

  • Easy-to-follow application procedure
  • Qualified loan agents
  • Lending irrespective of credit records
  • Loans for any purpose
  • Repayments collected at home


Our primary aim is to bring instant doorstep loans when you need them the most. You have the opportunity here to apply for a cash loan online that brings needed funds directly to your bank account. It is very convenient to apply, and we have not made it compulsory to provide documents along with the application.

The procedure to apply for doorstep loans is as follows:

  • Apply online here and fill the form with mandatory details
  • Submit it and wait for our representative’s call
  • Arrange a meeting with our doorstep loan agent
  • Sit together on the said date and get the loan straightway

You can see that the steps are simple to apply. Another thing is that you can seek our financial assistance from anywhere in Ireland. Whether you want doorstep loans in Dublin, Cork, Kinsale, Waterford, Belfast or any city, get sufficient financial help from us.

Doorstep loans are unsecured personal loans and involved no risk of losing possession of your valuable asset, if you miss the repayments. However, you are liable to repay the loan under the given schedule. You should be clear about this before starting the application.


Unlike other private money lenders in Ireland, you can get urgent doorstep loans on the same date of application submitted. At Myloansboat, we understand that you need money immediately, which is why you are looking for these loans.

For instance, suppose you are travelling from one city to another. In the mid-way, your car is stuck down. Fortunately, you have a garage near to that location. You have left your car there and come back home to collect the cash. You do not have enough cash at your home and in the bank account, as the maximum amount has already been spent on holiday planning. In such a situation, you can apply for instant cash loans online, and we send our agent within a few hours to your home and process the loan.

We have designed our lending system as such, where we deal with every loan application quickly. It further paves the way for fast funding and ensures peace of mind for each borrower.

As the responsible online lender in Ireland, we feel we have to advise you while preparing for the loans all of a sudden. You need to be very specific on the things below before sitting online to apply for the loans.

  • Evaluate how much amount you need?
  • What should be the loan term?
  • What is the ideal size of loan repayments?
  • What will be the interest rate?
  • Is there any fee involved if make late repayment?

If you are clear on these aspects, you are ready to go for the loan application.


Jobless individuals are often risky borrowers for the lenders. They cannot ensure loan repayments, as they lack the steady income. We do offer doorstep loans for the unemployed on flexible lending norms.

Based on these reasons, many lenders put higher interest rates for the unemployed. We follow the different approach or, comparatively, the soften one while offering unemployed loans. We offer personalised loan rates that go with your prevailing circumstances. We know you must be busy applying for jobs or attending interviews. Therefore, we bring cash-at-the-door service for you.

In the absence of full-time income, you can still get doorstep cash loans for unemployed on these factors:-

  • Gig income: Gig income belongs to income-earning activities that you earn when no full-time job is there. It can be a part-time job on a short-term contract. You can ensure the repayments from this income.
  • Unemployed benefits: Many unemployed people are receiving government benefits in the form of funds. You can show us that these benefits are enough to bring out the loan repayments.
  • Strong Credit Score: Another criterion for getting cash loans for the unemployed is showing your good credit score. Every lender prefers individuals with better credit records, as they have higher creditworthiness. We also follow the same.


Doorstep loans in Ireland are accessible for those individuals who are struggling with bad credit scores. They have more risk factors than the unemployed, as they do not have a trustworthy record of making timely payments.

Lenders worry about the repayment capacity of bad credit people, and their credit records are not supporting them either. We, on the other hand, take a different route. We are all set to offer doorstep loans in Ireland with bad credit, and no guarantor needed.

We always believe that past credit mistakes often define bad credit. These should not impact your present and future borrowing opportunities. Therefore, we are ready to fund their current financial needs and bring a chance to improve their credit records.

Our cash loans for bad credit are framed on the following advantages:

  • Soft and no credit check: We do soft credit checks on every loan deal that leaves no search footprint on your credit profile. If your recent credit performance is highly satisfactory, we may even do not need any credit check.
  • No guarantor: Another advantage for people with bad credit is that no guarantor is needed. We are interested in your current financial performance, and we take it as your loan guarantee to allow cash loan at your home.


When it comes to doorstep lending, one source that everyone wants to approach is Provident doorstep loans. These are trustworthy loan options and have a lot of benefits. However, not everyone can approach this source due to the fixed loan criteria.

Myloansboat is not the competitor to provident loans. Instead, we want the ideal alternative of this so that people can get adequate financial assistance from the comfort of their homes. There is nothing complicated in our online loan procedure, and everything is there what you want from your lender.

The simplicity of our loan procedure gets the backup of these features, which make us different from traditional doorstep loan providers:-

Affordable Loan Repayments

24/7 Online Service

Apply for a doorstep loan in the early morning or midnight. You are welcome to apply anytime and from anywhere.

Affordable Loan Repayments

Quick Loan Decision

With us, you do not have to wait for hours or days to get a loan decision. We approve your application within a few minutes.

Affordable Loan Repayments

Our loans carry affordable repayments that you can manage even from your part-time income. This will also help in credit score improvement

If you are above 18 years and the Irish resident, we welcome you for our doorstep loans. You can continue with your loan application even if you do not have a bank account. Apply now...


Are my personal details safe for a doorstep loan?

Yes, we really respect the safety of borrowers’ privacy while dealing with their loan applications. We do not reveal your details to any third party and keep them only between us.

Is there any variety of doorstep loan repayments at Myloansboat?

Yes, we have a variety of repayment methods for a doorstep loan. These are:-

  • Fortnight repayments
  • Weekly repayments
  • Monthly repayments

Does the same agent come to my home for collecting repayment?

Yes, we send the same agent to your home for collecting the repayments. We do so as you generate a good communication with him and can discuss freely if you have any queries. He will come on time, and you will not miss any loan repayment.

What purposes can be solved with doorstep cash loans?

Apart from urgent expenses, you can solve many purposes with doorstep cash loans, such as:-

  • Car maintenance
  • Study expenses
  • Paying insurance instalment
  • Unexpected bills
  • Purchasing new or replacing old equipment

Can instant cash loans improve my credit score or not?

Instant doorstep loans can improve your credit score because you have very little chance of missing repayments. We will send our representative to your home to collect the repayments. The timely repayment of the entire loan sum will leave a positive impact on your credit profile.

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