These loans aim at helping you get by unless you receive your next pay cheque. Myloansboat provides small loans in Ireland up to €2,500. Since the amount is not so big, the repayment period does not exceed one month.

It is a specialist lending product where borrowers get car finance with bad credit in Ireland. The same product is also useful for those considered as high-risk borrowers like unemployed, self-employed and residing in Ireland temporarily. However, lending policies vary from lender to lender.

Myloansboat, as compared to traditional lending institutions, follow an open approach to car finance with bad credit in Ireland. We have opened our doors for people with poor credit history and bring out borrower-friendly features.

We follow a flexible approach that comprises competitive interest rates and convenient repayment terms. There is a 100% online procedure involving minimum documentation, and same-day fund disbursal is possible.

  • Obligation-free Quote
  • Maximum Loan Approval
  • Finance on Any Car
  • Car Finance with best rates


Buying a car is more than your desire. Rather, it has become your need nowadays. You want to avoid the commotion of public transportation or want to take your family on a trip in your own car. Many aspirations and needs will be there, but not the capacity of paying the whole car amount. It is where buying a car with bad credit in Ireland works a lot.

Several reasons are there to opt for this specialised loan deal in which some of them are mentioned below:-

  • Faster Approval Our car finance deals are accessible through the digital platform. The online loan application brings faster approval, followed by a quick loan disbursal.

  • Soft Credit Check We do a soft credit check to keep alive your loan approval chances. We are among those reliable private money lenders in Ireland ready to take the risk of offering car loans with no credit check (on specific conditions).

  • Affordable Interest Rates You have a bad credit history, and car finance is your need at this moment. Therefore, approaching the specialised deals is the correct decision instead of going for a standard car loan or unsecured personal loan.

  • Improving Your Credit Rating Many people are there with many suggestions on credit score improvement. You can follow their advice, but you can also opt for a bad credit loan, pay it back on time and improve your credit rating straightway


Traditionally, bad credit car finance in Ireland has been a costly affair. Borrowers have to pay more to get the right finance and fulfil their dream of car purchasing. Now, the trends are falling on new-age lending, where flexible loan deals are offered on variable interest rates.



What are the Interest Rates? 8.77% (approx.)
Are interest rates fixed or variable? Both fixed and flexible
What are the repayment modes? Fortnightly, Weekly and Monthly
Are there any extra charges? No additional fees, only interest rates
Can I expect a variable loan term? Yes, from one year to five years

Before going to our special car finance features, let us make you familiar with the GENERAL FEATURES of bad credit car finance:-

  • Higher interest rates
  • Extra charges
  • Smaller car finance amount
  • Longer loan duration
  • Higher deposit needed
  • Fixed repayment term

Some people have the eligibility to follow these general features of car finance with low credit. On the other hand, many people are not able to pursue them. For these individuals, Myloansboat brings SPECIAL FEATURES on poor credit car finance.

Car Finance for Unemployed: Many jobless individuals are carrying bad credit. They have the limitations of lower income, but the need of purchasing a car is higher. We have exclusive deals on car finance for unemployed in Ireland.

Acceptance on Very Bad Credit: Unlike other private agencies in Ireland, we approve very bad credit. However, it is applicable in certain circumstances or when current financial performance is up to the mark.

Adequate Financing for Second-hard Cars: Our wide range of loan products also include used car finance in Ireland. Yes, you can get finance for older cars, but these vehicles should not be older than 5 years.


As mentioned above that traditional lending demands a higher deposit when someone opts for car finance. We can consider your application on car finance with bad credit and no deposit. However, it can be risky for us, but we are ready for this.

As the responsible direct lender in Ireland, we understand that you are not financially stable enough to deposit while car buying. It is in this situation we help you a lot.

We work on the doctrine that a car has been the basic need, and you fulfil this purpose. You can approach us anytime and anywhere to get the car finance without worrying about the deposit.

However, some conditions are there to complete, such as:-

  • You must be earning a stable income;
  • You are good in your recent financial performance;
  • You are buying the car for the first time.

If you want some relaxation in any our condition on bad credit car finance with no deposit, contact us early.

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Availing of car finance with bad credit history in Ireland can be challenging but not impossible. Getting specialised deals can solve the problem for you. As bad credit car loans are purposefully offered to those with lower credit ratings, you need to consider a few things to increase your loan chances.

  • Make Better your Current Financial Situation: You are not good in your credit history, but you should improve your current financial situation and credit rating. It will leave a good impact on the lender and gain loan approval chances.

  • Keep on Stable Monthly Income: It is extremely vital for maintaining the stable monthly income while applying for car finance with bad credit. Your income will play the role of loan guarantee and proper repayments.

  • Stay on the honest part: You should not hide anything from us. We are committed to your loan approval. If you way something that does not match your credit profile, we may have to rethink your loan application.

  • Avoid many car loan applications: Do not apply for car finance at multiple lending destinations, as it may badly impact your credit profile. Approach us only and follow the procedure carefully. We give a green signal to your car finance application despite having a poor credit history.


After learning all the precautions, it is time to prepare and get bad credit car finance on instant decision. There is no extraordinary effort needed to keep the basics right. Some suggestions are there in the given below lines:-

Use Car Loan Calculator: Using a car finance calculator is extremely important because it gives you a clear picture of the loan amount, loan term and the estimated interest rate.

Choose either short-term or long-term loans: With a longer car finance term, you will pay more in terms of interest rates than a shorter term. However, the interest rate on short-term car finance is higher than the longer one. Thus, you should clear your priority on this.

Fixed or Flexible interest rates: You should know your affordability to pay the interest charges not only for car finance but also for all the loan options. Analyse your capacity and tell us whether you want a fixed or flexible interest rate. It will help in managing your budget accordingly.

No Extra Cost is involved: We assure you that only interest rates are there, and no other fee is involved. We do not charge any upfront fee neither on the early repayment. For the late repayment, we may allow a buffer period.

Decision on car deposit: We may allow a deal on car finance with no deposit. Still, if you have some money accumulated, you can use it to make your early deposit. It will help you in borrowing less money.


Qualifying for car finance with bad credit in Ireland is the most challenging but important step. You have to work hard to remove any roadblock.

Some traditional lenders may reject your loan application or keep interest rates on the higher side. However, modern-day lenders like us risk preparing lending policies based on bad credit car loans.

To qualify for car finance with poor credit, you need to fulfil these basic eligibility criteria:-

  • Earning a stable income for the last 6 months showing the repayment capacity
  • Residing in Ireland for at least 7 years and living in the same home for the last 6 months
  • Keep recent credit history up so that we can have more chances to your loan approval
  • Earning minimum of €45000 annually either with a full-time job or part-time income or both
  • If you are self-employed, you must be in the same status for the last 12 months

Once you qualify for our car finance deal, your next step is to submit the application.


Get a quick response from our representative.(within half an hour)


Your loan application gets early approval from us.(within one hour)


You get funds transferred to your bank account.(within 24 hours)


Understanding borrowers’ needs and preparing a finance deal according is what makes a lender proficient. At Myloansboat, we try hard to be your financial companion when you are about to accomplish your dream of having own car.

We are already an established private lender for bad credit car finance in Dublin, Galway, Limerick, Belfast, and Kinsale. Soon, we are going to spread our lending wings to other parts of Ireland.

We have just started car finance in Cork and Drogheda. We can expand ourselves just because of the increasing trust of the large numbers of Irish people. And that trust has been building through these attributes:-

  • Flexible car finance for poor credit
  • Soft credit perusal with no impact on your credit score
  • Pre-approved car finance deal
  • Better communication with borrowers
  • Fast loan procedure with quick funding
  • Fee-free lending advice

Want a reliable deal on car finance for bad credit? Apply now and get on the road soon.


What will be the interest rates on car finance with no credit check?

There has been a trend of paying higher interest rates if the lender provides car finance with no credit check. Myloansboat still keeps the rates on the competitive side despite your bad credit score. However, you need to be extraordinary in your present financial performance to get no credit check facility.

What are the alternatives of Car finance for bad credit?

Car finance is itself a helpful product for bad credit people, but some alternatives are accessible, which you can consider.

  • Hire Purchase (HP)
  • Unsecured or Secured Personal Loan
  • Personal Contract Purchase (PCP)

Can I Get Bad Credit Car Finance with CCJ?

You are already a risky borrower for a lender since you have a bad credit score. With County Court Judgement (CCJ) against your name, the lender will feel more risk in financing your car. Therefore, it would be better to first improve your credit record by removing CCJ and then applying.

If I get declined, will I get a second chance of car finance with bad credit history?

Of course, you will get another chance to avail car finance with bad credit if the first attempt goes wrong. We aim to finance your car in effective terms and assist you in accomplishing your dream.

Does Myloansboat offer bad credit car finance for business purposes also?

We can consider this. However, you need to contact us early to explain your business purpose. We will surely solve your financial needs.

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