Personal loans allow you to obtain a particular amount of funds and repay for a fixed period in regular monthly instalments. It is a valuable funding source where a lump sum can cover large expenses or merge multiple debts into one.

You borrow money, and the total cost of repayment (including the principal amount and the interest rates) is spread over a specific period. You can manage your finances better by paying a confirmed amount monthly as loan instalments.

Myloansboat, as the responsible provider of personal loans in Ireland, allows you to avail of up to €25000. You can repay the amount by choosing the repayment period from 12 to 60 months.

With us, you have many loan advantages, such as:

Flexibility: We are well-prepared to accept loan applications with any credit scores. If you have kept an excellent or bad credit score, we can accept your loan requests.

No upfront charges: You can be relaxed as we will not ask you for any upfront charges. You pay only the interest rates, which are affordable to your monthly budget.

Loans for everyone: We work with a positive approach, and thus, we welcome you with both hands. We do not mind if you are a tenant, a homeowner, employed, unemployed, pursuing study, or living as a retired person.


The loan market may not be soft enough for those with bad credit scores. You can approach us anytime and anywhere when no one is ready to trust your repayment ability due to your past credit mistakes. We have a dedicated deal on personal loans for bad credit in Ireland.

Applying for these loans is quite easy because we consider multiple factors for approval, not only one. Unlike other private lenders, we follow a wider lending policy where opportunities for availing a loan are plenty.

Here are the reasons why to choose our deals among many personal loans in Ireland for bad credit:-

  • Income-based loans

    We tend to be more interested in your current income capacity and affordability than your past financial performance. If you are earning a firm monthly income, the chance of guaranteed loan acceptance will always be there.
  • Soft credit assessment

    We know a hard credit check is not good for your credit profile. It leaves a bad impact, and you may lose more opportunities to borrow funds. We prevent you from entering that situation by doing only a soft credit check.
  • Variable repayment modes

    Improving your credit scores is not only your goal but ours too. We keep the repayment methods flexible, which means you can repay the amount in a fortnight, weekly or monthly. Choose one of them so you can repay the loan on time.


Due to the tricky situation of poor credit, you want to maintain distance from the credit check process. Being worried about this is obvious. With us, you have peace of mind, as we can offer a personal loan in Ireland with no credit check. However, it will happen only in rare circumstances and on certain conditions.

We are firm in our affordable amount policy. You cannot borrow more than your repayment capacity. It is always better to analyse your capacity before applying for a loan.


When you want to apply for personal loans in Ireland through online lending, you can seek assistance in two ways: secured and unsecured. You can select any of them based on your affordability.

Secured Loans: These are available in large amounts and will be on the lowest interest rates. However, you need to back them with a valuable asset that acts as the loan collateral. You need to pay the amount on time to avoid losing your asset's possession.

Unsecured Loans: Grab the chance to avail emergency funding to calm down any extreme situation by going for unsecured personal loans in Ireland with us. We keep them competitive, and there will be no compulsion to pledge any asset.

Whatever option you select, there will be a 100% online procedure making it easier for us to take an instant loan decision. You will also get the benefit of same-day fund disbursal.


In Ireland, personal loans can be used for multiple expenses. We hope you will utilise them for only real purposes necessary to have a loan. We do not ask for your loan purpose. We want to trust your sincerity.

Here, we have compiled some of the most common uses of personal loans:

  • Emergency costs

    Your finances will always not have a smooth journey as it will test you with many urgent costs. These may be urgent car repairs, medical emergencies, sudden bill payments, etc. You can cover all these costs with small personal loans.
  • Home improvement

    After living in your home with the same design for many years, you may get bored. On the other hand, an emergency home renovation might be required. In such situations, these personal loans are quite useful to avail.
  • Debt consolidation

    One of the most significant reasons for poor credit scores is having multiple debts. You need a platform to consolidate them at a much lower interest rate. These loans can be that source through which you can merge all your dues and convert them into a single loan option.
  • Managing holiday costs

    You may be planning a family holiday but finding the funding gap while doing emergency shopping or an urgent hotel booking. To fill that gap, apply for personal holiday loans and enjoy your vacations without financial hurdles.
  • Education expenses

    You need a calm mind to continue with your study. Sometimes, you lack the funds to manage tuition fees or living costs. We offer specialised deals on personal education loans available on any credit score.


Regarding unsecured personal loans in Ireland, the best thing you have is the loan varieties, which you can explore in different financial situations. We take care of every financial aspiration and are thus ready to offer different types of personal loans. These include:

Car loan

Buying a car will be listed among your top dreams in life. We will be delighted to help you achieve that dream by offering personalised offers on car loans. You can use them for both new cars and used ones.

Quick loan

We know how desperate you are to get urgent funds when an emergency arrives. For such situations, we have tailor-made deals in Ireland for personal loans available on quick approval.

Doorstep loan

Situations may be where you cannot go outside to explore the loan market for an apt loan deal. To manage them, you can depend upon our cash loans available at your doorstep.


Our primary aim is to keep personal loans most conveniently. To fulfil it, we accept only online loan applications to have everything on a quick note. Still, you need to work on certain things before taking a final loan decision. Here, we are suggesting some of them:

  • You should not go beyond your loan affordability, which has to be followed while finalising the amount to borrow
  • Comparing loans is always a good practice, and you can evaluate our loans with any other option, for instance, provident personal credit in Ireland
  • If there is a possibility, you can keep ready your credit report and share it with us, as it will help us in preparing affordable loans for you
  • Fill out the online form with genuine personal details and recheck before submitting the form
  • If you are applying for secured personal loans, make you are fully confident about the repayments so that you can keep your asset with your name only


We do not praise our loans. Rather, our borrowers always appreciate our assistance. It is why they keep our name above when they seek help from private money lenders for personal loans.

Whether you want personal loans in Dublin, Cork, Galway, Waterford or any other place, we help you with friendly loan features, such as:-

Easy-to-qualify Loans

You do not need to do anything special to qualify for our loans. Just follow the simple requirements.

Competitive APRs

We only finalise the Annual Percentage Rates after analysing your current loan affordability and circumstances.

Instant and Guaranteed Approval

We immediately bring an assured loan approval if you fulfil our affordability norms.


Will you approve my application for personal loans with no guarantor?

We can accept your personal loan request without a guarantor to back you. In such circumstances, you need to satisfy us by fulfilling these conditions:-

  • You should have a good credit score
  • You must be earning a stable monthly income
  • You are submitting a joint loan application

What will be the consequences if I miss personal loan repayment?

Missing repayments of any loan, not only personal loans, can affect your credit scores the most. You may get trapped in fallen credit scores. Therefore, you should first borrow an affordable amount you can confidently repay. Later, make all monthly loan instalments on time.

What will be the effect of personal loans on my credit rating?

Personal loans will have positive and negative impacts on your credit scores. Positive when you repay the entire amount on time with no mess. Negative is when you late or miss repayment before the term ends. Therefore, it all depends upon your loan affordability.

Can I use unsecured personal loans for business purposes?

You can use unsecured personal loans for business needs only when planning a start-up. These loans are not applicable for existing businesses as dedicated business loans are available. However, using these loans to meet personal ends would be better.

I am unemployed. Can I apply for personal loans online?

Your unemployment does not halt your chances of personal loan approval. Online lenders like us are flexible in their approach. Thus, we can accept your application despite having no job. We can consider other forms of income to allow a loan for you.

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