When you need cash fast, Myloansboat makes it simple. Applying is fast and easy online. Our goal is to provide convenient, immediate financial support.

As a trusted lender source, the private loan company cares about your security. We work to match you with reliable lending choices for your situation. Feel confident working with us and our qualified lenders to ease your money stresses.

Whether you face an urgent expense or want to fund a major purchase, we value your peace of mind. Let us simplify accessing loans you are comfortable with and can manage successfully in the long term. Loan experience depends hugely on who you borrow from. MyLoansBoat is proud to be one of the genuine and honest private lenders in Ireland who cares.

Fast Application

No one likes filling out long applications or submitting piles of paperwork just to get a loan. MyLoansBoat makes things far less stressful. Our online application takes less than 10 minutes to use on your phone, tablet, or computer!

We only ask for basic personal/financial specifics like your job, income, and living expenses. Just enough so our technology can rapidly match you with suitable lenders. Don’t worry, and we use top encryption tools to keep everything you submit private and secure.

Within hours or days, not weeks, we’ll present loan options tailored to your situation for review. Our system instantly searches trusted lending partners across Ireland to find offers that fit rather than making you wait forever.

The whole process happens digitally, so there’s no need for dragged-out meetings or confusing calls unless you want extra guidance. We focus on fast, seamless service so you get access to funds ASAP!          

Our easy applications work great for busy people needing cash quickly for life surprises or saving towards goals. Take 5 minutes when it’s convenient for you to provide key details so we can connect you to loan choices personalised just for you.

Flexible Loan Choices

Loan TypeVersionCredit Score RequirementRepayment PeriodInsights
Urgent LoansBad Credit VersionPoor credit OK6-12 monthsTailored for applicants with poor credit scores
Payday LoansStandardVariousWeeks or monthsFast, based on pay schedule, short repayment
Personal Instalment LoansStandardVarious1-5 yearsLarger amounts, longer terms, competitive rates
Peer-to-Peer LoansStandardVariousCustomised termsFlexibility, funded by investors, customised rates
Peer-to-Peer LoansSpecialised CasesVariousCustomised termsMore tailored terms, ideal for unique situations

MyLoansBoat provides customers with varied loan options and serves diverse borrowing needs across Ireland. We provide access to:

  • Urgent Loans – Perfect for those who need £500-£2,000 quickly. But if you have poor credit, then urgent loans for bad credit can help. Get funds in as soon as 1 day upon approval. These small payday-style loans are paid back over 6-12 months.
  • Payday Loans – Ideal for borrowing £100-£1,000 to be repaid in weeks or months. Fast access to funds with rates and terms tailored to your pay schedule.
  • Personal Instalment Loans – Borrow £1,000-£5,000+ for 1-5 years. Larger loan amounts with extended repayment timelines and competitive interest rates. A good option for funding major expenses and consolidation.
  • Peer-to-Peer Loans – Get loans from individual investors rather than banks. These offer more flexibility for specialised cases with customised rates and terms.

Whatever your financial needs, we simplify connecting you to legitimate lenders committed to transparent fees, responsible lending, and superior customer care. Let our loan experts match you with the right loan packages for your situation!

Competitive Interest Rates

We partner with private lenders across Ireland, offering customers great rates for years and counting. Unlike big banks, our partners view clients as people first – not just account numbers.

With deep expertise in helping Irish people get loans, they can find fair rates on personal loans, payday loans and emergency cash.

We know your money situation today does not define your dreams. We aim to simplify connecting you with loan options so you can focus on priorities now and financial growth.

At MyLoansBoat, the ideal loan match involves more than the lowest rate. It requires recognizing applicants as individuals first and crafting loan packages that set them up for borrowing success over time.

High Approval Rates

Chances are you’re seeking funds for big priorities or urgent stuff – having access to money makes all the difference!

The good news is that MyLoansBoat sees a lot of applications get approved. We work to match honest, normal people across Ireland to lenders happy to help in all sorts of situations.

With super fair eligibility rules, we can find quality loan options welcoming those with good credit or bad and everyone in between. Past money mistakes don’t close doors – rather, your present job stability, ability to repay debt and large-heartedness. We don’t let old scores or stats stop us from crafting creative possibilities!

Filling out the short online form is quick, easy and risk-free. We ask for essential stuff so our technology can scan options in our ethical lending network. Just lock 5-10 minutes to complete on your phone. Then, let us optimise matches for your review.

Secure and Confidential

Sharing personal and financial information to get a loan can feel scary. The last thing anyone wants is for private details to be mishandled. Rest assured. Your data safety is MyLoansBoat’s top priority!

We collect minimal basics like your name, income, expenses and debts owed. Just enough for our technology to instantly scan for lender matches suited to your situation. Don’t stress about handing any paperwork to strangers, either!

We take customer confidentiality super seriously and comply with strict lending laws so you can apply with total peace of mind! When getting loans online, safety matters most. That will never change at MyLoansBoat as we innovate faster and easier ways to deliver funds.

You already work hard enough to make ends meet and plan for the future. Let us manage the privacy protocols so you can focus just on the next right step towards stability, relief and dreaming big again! We exist to serve and protect access to life-changing loans.


Choosing the right lending partner matters for achieving financial relief plus better planning. Myloansboat proudly sources loan choices you can trust. Our partners have served customers across Ireland with care for years.

Don’t struggle alone – the private lender stands ready to point you toward legitimate lending assistance based on who you are today. We believe your financial situation should not stop you from feeling relief now and dreaming for the future.

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