The Irish are brave and dynamic. But, at the same time, we are incredibly ‘homely’ beings. We’d’ love a good book to read and snuggle inside the blanket with a bowl of soup accompanying us. To get this kind of comfort, what better place but home there might be?

But this very lovely abode needs care too. From time to time, it needs maintenance, repair and careful ‘checks’. You see, the home is probably the largest asset you have.

•          Adding more value to it will only bring better opportunities to you.

•          Yes, financial values get raised too.

•          Your home becomes more flexible to use.

•          You may consider it as an asset for other purposes, such as generating passive income.

•          Add more value to it, and you can sell it at a decent price.

Learn How to Increase Your Home’s Value in Ireland

We need a plan. A home has many units, and we can choose to increase its value. Again, the uplift to the valuation you want for it might come with a purposeful aspect to it. For example, some owners may decide to extend it to raise its value; others might renovate, or some might as well stick to smart repair to bring additional valuation. In this post, however, we are going to take a look at a few common but essential facts about it:

•          Paint the Home

•          Make Improvements to the Kitchen

•          And the Bathroom, of Course…

•          Consider Extending

•          Turn Your Home More Energy-Efficient

•          Do Something about the Parking Situation

•          Think of Your Garden Spaces

•          Don’t Ignore the Attic

As you have already known the points, we can go ahead discussing them. However, you might be in need of money to apply these options. This post will be of no use for now if you are short in savings. Well, you may take out one of the unsecured loans in Ireland. We are a direct lender. We might make your borrowing a bearable deal. Talk to us if need be. 

  • Paint the Home

Painting has been considered one of the best ways to make your home smile. But, sometimes, we can mess this project up too. Why don’t we take the help of the following tips:

•          Don’t try to paint your home on your own.

•          Plan which rooms to paint.

•          Find out what painting material is best according to the build material of your home.

•          Speak to a handyman if need be. Otherwise, hire a professional company to do the job for you.

•          Go simple with the project. If you want to save money, stick to painting the walls in a simple fashion. You may not need wall art when you want to be frugal.

You must choose safe painting material to protect your family, kids, and pets. Evacuate the rooms for painting earlier. Take good care of assets in the rooms. It is better to move them until you finish painting the room. 

  • Make Improvements to the Kitchen

The Kitchen is one of the high-traffic areas in a home. To safeguard it, the best thing you can do is to run a check before renovating it. Chances are you might end up repairing the kitchen more than renovating it.

A good idea to do here is to renew kitchen appliances. Actually, today’s devices are more technologically influenced than ever. They come with unique features. Time can make them outdated. Buy a new kitchen appliance. It modernises your kitchen more.

  • And the Bathroom of Course…

Again, the bathroom too is a high-traffic area. Like the kitchen, you might consider repairing the bathroom. It helps in keeping the taps and other appliances functioning.  Be sure to check the water supply.

Install appliances in your bathroom if possible too. Apart from them, spice up the lighting and add floating bathroom vanities. The place will achieve a splendid look.

  • Consider Extending

If you have the option of extending your property, why wouldn’t you do so? It is considered one of the best ways to increase the resale value of the property.

•          If possible, opt for an extra storey.

•          A patio or pergola can be a good option for the outdoors. Maybe a deck.

•          Make another room.

•          Make a smaller cottage in the front yard if you have enough space.

Yes, extending your property is expensive if you compare it to another renovation project. Again, low savings or an alternative issue like a poor credit score can make it more challenging for you. You might help yourself with bad credit loans in Ireland. These loans are offered to you based on your income. A bad credit score won’t be a problem.

  • Turn Your Home More Energy-Efficient

Investment in a meaningful cause is always worth it. You will invest now. But you will save money later. Making your home energy-efficient does just the thing.

  • Opt for LED lighting as they are made in an energy-efficient way.
  • Hire a professional brand to check the insulation and optimise it to lower energy bills.
  • Maintain and repair your HVAC unit for ‘economic’ performance. 
  • Think of using solar panels. Many commercial real estates and domestic buildings are now using solar panels as a cost-efficient solution
  • Do Something for the Parking Lot

You don’t have to do a lot about it. But a work of driveway paving with Asphalt or your preferred material might be done.

Additionally, covering the grass area opens up more room, allowing increased numbers of cars or vehicles to your parking lot.

  • Don’t Ignore the Attic

Last but not the least is the attic. You see, the attic is one of the most important places in the household. It is an even more important place than to enjoy storybooks in summer afternoons.

Attics can get damaged easily. Termites are one of the common enemies of the attic. They can spread to the roof too. Carefully examine the situation with the help of professionals. Then repair or renovate it.

  • To Conclude

Well, you now know how to renovate your home effectively. We can help you with the funding part. Tell us how much you need. We will do our best to be of assistance to you.

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