Save Money, Best Gift for Loved Ones

Gifting is something which you have all loved since you were a child. It makes us happy. It is nice to give your friend and brothers and sisters a lovely gift and make them feel special. It could be their birthday or some celebration or could be just like that.

Gifting will be lit up their face. Seeing a person unwrap the gift with curiosity to find what is inside is precious. It satisfies you to see your loved one being happy and appreciating the effort you took.

Surprise for free

Gifting doesn’t come for free, and it involves money. And sometimes it could be a little heavy on your pocket too. Especially when you are on a tight budget and festivals or birthdays are coming up, it hits your pocket hard.

But you would not want to disappoint your loved one too. Hence here are some ideas of ways you can save some money or spend less on gifts. Many people buy expensive gifts in Ireland and spend huge money on them.

Because of the expensive gift, some borrow loans for bad credit and invite debt into their lives.

Affordable gifting ideas

1. Setting a limit

A gift is given with a lot of emotions attached to it, and never a gift given to a loved one is evaluated because of its price. Hence, you do not need to tell your friend how much you have spent on the gift or how much worth it is.

Set a realistic limit to spend on the gift for your dear ones. Always have the budgets set first and then by single or multiple gifts which fit into that budget of yours.

Either way, you’re gifting will make your dear ones happy and appreciate the gesture. Nobody would bother much about the price of the gift, and it is the gesture or the behaviour which matters the most.

2. Make use of discounts codes

There are ample discount codes and offers available. Using these can save you some pennies on the gifts you are purchasing.

Find some discount vouchers. Especially if you are willing to gift a more oversized item, vouchers come in handy. Vouchers are there for renowned brands or online shopping portals.

You can purchase perfumes, shoes, bags, gift sets etc., using these vouchers from select stores or online portals at manageable prices, right under your budget.

3. Make something on own

Gifting is to make the other person feel special and remembered. Also, it is a gesture or the intent behind gifting someone which counts. Hence making something from hands, on its own, something which is personalized, is one of the great gift ideas.

Anything which is when made personalized shows a lot of thought and work behind the gift, and it certainly makes the person feel special.

And it costs you less too. Making something will save you money on otherwise buying that thing readymade from the market. Personal emotions are attached to such handmade gifts.

For example, you can make a scrapbook for the person. This scrapbook may have memories in the form of pictures of moments you have spent together. Or some other pictures of their lifetime. Or you can make a big decent card for different occasions.

Or maybe you can make something from art & craft. Whatever it would be, it will always hold a personal attachment and feelings to the gift.

And the best thing would be that it would be cheaper and not stress your budget much.

4. Dutch in with other friends

You can get dutch in like you do for your group lunches or dinners. Ask common friends from the circle if they also plan to gift. Put the money together and buy something decent and valuable for the person. This way, even an expensive item would not hurt any single person’s pocket.

At times, this is a good idea, and others are either on a tight budget or watchful of expenses. This is a win-win situation for all who contribute and gift the person.

For example, you can sponsor a holiday tour or a weekend getaway for the person by pitching in money between common friends. This way nobody’s pocket will be stressed and a wonderful, lifetime gift can also be given to the person.

5. Throwing a surprise party

You can consider throwing a party (surprise one) for your loved one. Instead of regular gifts, you can gift this experience to someone who is close to your heart.

You can ask some of your other friends too to contribute to the party. Some can help with food and drinks. You can hold this party at your house to save money on a destination.

In such a case, friends can help cook the food items and decorate the house. And you would not need to spend a fortune on gifting the person.

It would be the experience of the surprise party that would leave an impact on the person, and it would be a lifetime gift for the person. Though it is not a material gift, the experience, emotions, and efforts behind this gesture outweigh any other material gifts of the world.

You are spending time together and making memories in an add-on. In Ireland, for a surprise party, you can borrow quick loans with no guarantor. These loans can help you gift within an affordable range.


You can save money by looking out for various affordable ideas for gifting purposes. Also, be thoughtful while gifting to others as it creates an impression on them. Do not unnecessarily spend huge money when you have the option of saving it.

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