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If you have borrowed holiday cash loans, you must be finding ways to pay it faster. Many borrowers get stuck in loan are not able to pay it faster. There are several ways that you can implement and pay off your loan quickly.

Many people avail the loan facility to fund their holidays. There is no one expense that is covered in the loan. These cash loans cover a variety of things. Some of the basic things that are included in this are accommodation, travel, food etc.

If there is something else, you can cover that also. For this, be honest to your lender. If you do not tell them the exact thing, you can never get the required leverage from them.

The Quick Payment of Your Loan

Most of the times, loans are considered to be a burden. But if you are facing financial crunch, loan is the only feasible option. But you can repay your loan faster and become debt free.

Becoming debt free gives you the freedom and liberty to use your money in whichever way you want. If you have instant travel plans, you can apply for cash loan in 1 hour in Ireland. many people avail these loans to fund their holiday expenses.

Once you are back from your holidays, focus on the holiday cash loans repayment. To repay your loan quickly, you have to check with the loan terms and conditions from your lender.

Repayment terms differ from lender to lender and you can also negotiate on your repayment terms if you have a good rapport with your lender.

Ways for Quick Loan Repayment of your Holiday Cash Loans

Borrowing is always easy as compared to the repayment aspect of any loan. In case of holiday cash loans, you may get some more time but not forever. Hence, figure out your repayment method and then avail the loan.

1. Set up a Direct Debit

Your credit score is very important while considering your loan. If you have a good credit score, it will help you to get good loans and a bad credit score will keep out of the league of favorable borrowers.

Your credit score is considered in your repayment too. A good credit score attracts favorable repayment terms and vice versa. Always there should be enough funds in your account to cater to your loan needs.

If you make direct debits, it will help you to automate your payment process and repay your loan faster.

2. Consider Additional Payments

If you have borrowed a loan from a lender and you are having extra money with you, you can make use of that money. Pay an additional amount to your lender and finish of your loan faster. This will quickly make you debt free.

You can repay your holiday cash loans depending upon your affordability. For example, you can increase the amount of your monthly payments or you can make in between payments that will help you to reduce your loan amount.

Before making any payments, it is crucial to check with your lender as there are many charges on loans repayment. Usually, if you increase your monthly amounts, the lenders suffer on their interest amount.

Hence, they may not agree to increase the amount. Therefore, always check with your lender first and then make the payments.

3. Reduce your Expenses

If you have a loan to repay, you should cut on your expenses and make more payments towards your loan. With this strategy, you can quickly repay your loan amount.

You can cut down on your not so important bills and save that amount to pay back your loan. Always prioritize your payments towards important bills.

4. Debt Consolidation

Along with these loans, if you are having one more debt, debt consolidation is your option.  Prioritize your loans according to their amount.

Pay off the larger debt and then you can manage your small debts gradually. With debt consolidation option, you can have only smaller loans making small amounts of monthly payments.

You have to analyze your situation if you are thinking for debt consolidation. Weigh all the pros and cons and only then opt for this option.

It may happen that you may end up on your outgoings but in the long run, you may end up paying more.

To finish off your holiday cash loan, you can consider the idea of debt consolidation. For this, you may apply for another loan such as personal loans for bad credit in Ireland. Many people consider this option.

If they are unable to pay off their existing loans, they can avail these loans and get rid of the debt burden.

5. Opt for Early Settlement

If somehow, you have a big amount with you, you can consult with your lender and make an early settlement of your holiday cash loans.

Many lenders will give you an option of paying the upfront balance and you do not need to pursue the remaining balance. Sometimes, if you make an early settlement, it attracts some charges. Hence, it is important to contact your lender before making an early settlement.

If you have a defaulted loan, do not make any settlement on it as it can lead to a status of ‘partially satisfied’ in your credit report.

 After 6 years, the default will be automatically removed from your file irrespective of whether it has been paid or not. If you make an early settlement, this partial satisfied will be substituted by fully satisfied and boost your credit score.

6. Get Free Debt Advice

There are many charities and organizations that offer you free debt advice and do not charge a penny. There are some more charities that negotiate on behalf of you with your creditors.

The negotiation can be on many things such as reducing the loan charges or freezing the interest. All these factors lead to reduced monthly payments and make it easy for you to pay back your loan.

If you are fortunate, your creditor may agree on any of the above options that will reduce your payments.

7. Shift to a New Loan Provider

If you have a huge holiday cash loans on you, you can consider the option of switching to a new lender offering better interest rates. You can pay back the outstanding amount of your current lender and start with the loan with a lesser interest rate.

To switch to a new loan provider, it is important to check their rules and also the monthly repayments.

Do not think of switching the lender without making the repayments. It is your prerogative to be a timely payer. Many borrowers try to default and do not make the repayments.


You can repay your loan faster and become debt free. You should weigh both the sides and then decide what is best for you. With your quick repayment of your loan, you can also boost your credit score and be in the good books of the lenders.

Availing holiday cash loans is an easy process. But if you do not repay it on time, it can create a problem for you. All lenders focus on the repayment part.

If there is a slight doubt, the lender may not lend you money. Hence, before borrowing, always have ways to repay your loan on time.

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