Provident/ Doorstep loans in Ireland have been quite popular among the young and millennials alike. Individuals facing an extreme need for small cash (€1000) often resort to these loans for a quick solution to their needs. The best part about these loans is the person does not have to register their presence to get the loan. Instead, the representative delivers the cash home. If the individual wants it online in your account without any wait, we provide that facility too. The repayment on a loan is generally 14 days. However, if your situation does not permit it, you can spread the payments into affordable sums.

How do Provident loans work?

These loans are also known as home collection loans. As the name suggests, individuals needing urgent cash at home can apply and get the same. After the application, our representative visits the home for verification and provides money in hand.  

The representative visiting the home to provide cash is generally the same for repayment collection with whom you share a good rapport.

Individuals avail of these loans to cater to minor issues like- rent payments, gas bills, electricity bills, urgent medicine purchases, subscriptions, book purchases, and attending the vendor costs at home. You can find the cash quickly in your bank or doors by telling us your requirement.

We draft the agreement per your budget and requirements and provide cash within 15 minutes. Before signing off the document, you can review the terms in fine print to know the interest rates and other costs. It would help you plan repayments accordingly.

 We do not keep you waiting endlessly.

If you apply for the loan outside operating hours, you may get it the next day. Only use it on a week off if you need it the same day.

Can you avail of doorstep loans on bad credit?

Most direct lenders with automatic application approval set up often decline applications with bad or poor credit history. If you have faced the same, you do not need to fear anymore. As a responsible provider of provident loans in Ireland, we consider applications with bad and poor credit profiles. You can choose the repayment term (3,6,9 months) for comfortable payments.

You must prove your affordability by providing an employment statement/ salary slip. The unemployed can also apply for the same with a receipt of unemployment benefits. With no credit footprint and credit score limitation, these loans are the easiest to fetch in emergencies.

Why Provident loans are famous among Irish people?

There are ample reasons that make it a preferable choice among the citizens there:

1)      Flexibility to borrow face-to-face

Many individuals are often skeptical about purchasing online loans. It may comfort you if you fear your debit card details getting revealed or a lost loan proposal owing to dupe issues.

We do not dupe you of your money. Once you apply, you can check/verify the representative you receive at the doors. We grant our customers the freedom to ensure relief and eliminate any fears. Face-to-face interaction also gives one the flexibility to ask as many queries as he may have. The representative provides the cash in hand, so you do not fear losing money.

2)      Convenience in discussing repayments

If, in any case, you miss the repayment, you can discuss it with the representative when he reaches the doors for repayment collection. Acquaint him with the situation, and we will soon reach out to you with possible solutions.

There could be many situations affecting the flow of income- unemployment, company loss, business loss, etc. Whatever it is, do let us know early. It would help us revise the payments and prevent you from defaulting on the loans.

3)      No need for a bank account

 Students or undergraduates often lack a bank account and a credit score. Needs do not wait for the delicate moment; they strike. You do not need to panic. If you have no near and dear ones on your premises and cannot send money online, you can tap doorstep loans at the portal.

We do cater to student applications. Refrain from fear of rejection if you do not earn presently. We accept payments in the form of scholarships and grants you may receive. Also, if you are a part-time earner or have any side gig, you may qualify for the loan without a bank account or credit score.

4)      Convenient option for individuals with mobility issues

If you often need help moving to the premises for a small loan, halt here. You do not need to take the pain anymore. The Provident loan offering helps individuals with mobility issues get cash at home. Apply from the home/office and get the money delivered to the destination. We understand the pain and thus provide you the flexibility and feasibility to individuals. Let go of the exhaustion and apply for any small need. Get cash today at home.

5)      No credit loss

The Provident loans mandate only a soft credit check to identify the amount we may lend you. The assessment does not impact the bad credit profile. It helps us confirm that the amount we lend is comfortable for you and is easy on your budget and finances. So, yes, even if you have a less-than-ideal credit history, you may get approval for a loan.

Why Should I connect with a private lender than a broker for provident loans?

Provident loans are specifically regulated loan products that only a few direct lenders deal in. These loans are short-term loans sharing competitive interest rates.

Brokers may only provide the best direct lender but may not help you with the collection, loan agreement, or loan revision. Moreover, finding a broker and then a lender could be lengthy. Instead, contact the best private money lenders in Ireland, like Cashpounds, as a one-stop solution to all your urgent cash requirements. We could ease the burden by allowing borrowers to clear the payment in one lump sum or small bits. We collect repayments as per your convenience and schedule. You can schedule the visit if you want more time to clear the dues.

Bottom line

These are some primary reasons why individuals in Ireland often prefer Provident loans as a suitable lending option. With loans to-door and repayment collection facilities, it becomes a no-brainer for individuals. Keeping regular payments helps you optimize your credit score and qualify for better interest rates in doorstep loans.

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