Joint car finance is when two people get a loan to buy a car. You pay back the money you borrowed. This helps both people afford a nicer car. Or it lets someone with little credit buy with someone with good credit.

Each person is responsible for paying the whole loan if the other one stops paying. You both must trust each other to make the payments every month. Before getting a joint loan, have a frank talk about your finances. Make sure you both feel good about sharing this long commitment.

Detailed Debt-to-Income Ratio

ApplicantsTotal Monthly Income (£)Total Monthly Debt (£)Debt-to-Income Ratio (%)Notes
You3,00060020A healthy ratio indicates good financial management.
Partner2,50050020Good management, maintain or improve the ratio.
Combined5,5001,10020Favourable for obtaining finance together.

Applying for Joint Car Loans

Some joint car loans don’t check credit history. This helps people with bad credit or no credit get a loan. The lender feels safer lending to two people instead of one. So they may offer car finance with no deposit. These loans need no credit check in Ireland.

However, the interest rate may be higher since the lender is taking a bigger risk. Make sure you can afford the monthly payment between the two of you. Have an open talk about your current income and expenses beforehand.

Who Can Apply?

AgeTypically 18 years or above
IncomeA stable income source is required
Credit ScoreGood credit history often preferred
Co-applicantOptional but can strengthen the case

Lenders require a minimum age of 18 years for entering any legal financial agreements. So both partners on a joint auto loan application must be over 18. Having two adult incomes makes the loan less risky for the lender.

Steady Income Sources from Both Applicants

A stable monthly income helps ensure you can cover a long-term car payment. The lender will ask for recent pay stubs, tax returns, or bank statements. These should show regular income deposits over the past few months from both applicants. Self-employed income works, too, with proper documentation.

Good or Improving Credit Histories

For low-rate auto loans, a good FICO credit score is important – preferably over 680. If you have marginal scores, applying together may help offset that somewhat. As long as one partner has stronger credit, while the other has fair credit or is looking to build history.

Proper Identification and Residency Verification

Lenders require standard ID forms like driver’s licences and social security cards. They also may ask for proof you currently reside at the address listed in the application. Common documents are recent utility bills, rental agreements, bank statements sent to your home, etc.

Why Apply for a Car Loan Jointly?

Getting pre-approved together instead of individually comes with some nice perks. Here are the biggest benefits of having a co-signer on your auto loan.

Better Chances of Loan Approval

With two incomes pledged to monthly payments, lenders view joint applicants as lower risk. Your combined earnings power matters more than either individual’s. Even if one person has past credit issues or minimal credit history, applying together improves the odds of getting approved.

Potential for a Lower Interest Rate

Interest rates hinge largely on credit scores and debt-to-income ratios. With joint applicants, the lender averages these metrics. So, excellent credit or earnings from one applicant can offset poorer scores/income from another. Also, some lenders offer better rates simply because two people are responsible for repayment instead of one.

Borrow More with Higher Combined Income

Since joint credit decisions emphasise overall earnings power, you become eligible to borrow more together. With healthy combined income, you can get approval for a pricier vehicle than either person could afford solo. This allows for a more luxurious, better-equipped vehicle.

Just be sure both partners budget carefully and share responsibility openly. But applying jointly is worth considering to make an auto loan work better for your situation.

Interest RatesCompare for the best deal
Repayment PeriodLonger term = lower monthly payments
Fees & ChargesCheck for processing fees, late fees
PenaltiesUnderstand penalties for missed payments

What Documents You’ll Need to Apply?

When submitting a joint car loan application, have these key documents handy for both applicants. Gathering everything upfront speeds approval for the cheapest loan rate.

Lenders need to verify the legal identities of all borrowers. Attach a colour copy of a valid government-issued ID showing your photo. The most common types are driver’s licences and passports. Make sure information matches on both IDs if more than one is provided. Double-check that names, current home addresses, birth dates and other details are consistent across documents.

Proof of Your Earnings

With two incomes backing repayment, lenders want documentation of what each person makes. For wages from an employer, attach pay stubs covering the last 30 days. Make sure your name, employer, and gross and net income are visible. If self-employed, provide official bookkeeping records, business bank statements or tax returns. Gig workers can list pay reports from services like Uber or TaskRabbit. The point is to prove you have steady monthly earnings.

Provide clear, complete documents upfront to ease the process of getting the cheapest car loan in Ireland. Ask the lender what specific items they require and don’t assume anything. Verifying all details initially gets you approved faster for the lowest payment.


Splitting the monthly cost with another person makes the payments more affordable. This lets you get a more expensive car with more features. Or it makes a reasonable car payment feel light instead of burdensome.

If one partner has strong credit, the other can use the loan to build a credit history. This helps qualify for future loans down the road. Make all payments on time to start a good record.

Some lenders feel safer lending to two partners instead of one. Two incomes make it less risky if one person loses their income temporarily. Leverage this to get approved for a better loan than each could alone, especially if one partner has minimal income or credit history.

Just be sure both partners budget carefully and feel good about the shared responsibility. Choose someone you fully trust to avoid future money conflicts.

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